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Partners are a key component of Juke Slot success.

Juke slot offers the nations’ leading point of sales products focused on revolutionizing the guest experience through POS technology. The Juke Slot partner team is excited to meet you and introduce you to our technology. Once you’re a signed partner, you’ll be empowered through Juke Slot’s partner training program that caters the learning tracks to your team’s needs. You will gain access to assets generating demand and tools that make your team successful in uncovering new opportunities. We offer the industry’s most competitive margins and monthly incentives to increase your profit. As your deals progress, the Juke Slot partner portal’s intuitive dashboard and reporting do all the work to track your progress and success. Become part of the revolution and contact us now!

Why Partner With Juke Slot?

Juke Slot, a well-recognized tech company based in Birmingham, Alabama offers premium Point-of- Sale (POS) and artificial intelligence software products. We have been working behind the scenes during the beginning stages of automation and artificial intelligence. During its initial phase Juke Slot has created and has been granted patents on our devices that have catapulted the restaurant industry into success by way of allowing them to be profitable with a lower overhead liability. Juke Slot manufactures self-service kiosk systems for restaurants, and other various hospitality industries such as: airport concessions, stadiums, casinos and hotels and more. The Company has gotten off to a very successful start by offering the most advanced and user friendly products in the industry.

Not only does Juke Slot offer the industries’ most competitive margins for our partners we also encourage our partner to take part in our Deal Registration Program. The Juke Slot Deal Registration Program is designed to reward partners who are pro-actively promoting Juke Slot Products. Approved deal registrations will provide partners with additional margin to support their efforts. We do not compete directly with our channel partners, so even if a deal does not qualify for the extra 10% deal registration, we still encourage our partners to work the opportunity with their standard margin.

Juke Slot incentive programs offer a quick and easy medium to engage, communicate with, and reward all of your sales community. Our Incentive programs give your sales teams the knowledge and the motivation they need to sell more product more often, and rewards them for doing so! We believe incentives are a crucial tool helps to enhance your results in the future and creates a healthy dose of competition – ensuring continued success and greater ROI.

Access to assets generating demand and tools that make your team successful in uncovering new opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to, market trends and up-to-dates industry changes all complied in regular newsletters provided by Industry experts.

Juke Slots sustainable competitive advantage balances unique products, value-creating processes, low retail prices, and services that cannot be matched by competitors now. Our product engineering road map consisting of developing innovative technology solutions provides the best possible strategy for your team to scale. We are experts in this high growth market and provide our partners with adequate resources, marketing, and a great team to help you deliver the best possible results.

Juke Slot provides channel partners with the right tools, to not only improve demand generation efforts, but save time and resources. These tools include professional digital campaigns, personalized emails, co-branded direct mail, social media messaging, and other powerful communications platforms that:

Tap into new market and sourcing opportunities.

Gain visibility positioning the leading point of sale technology through joint public relations efforts and continued marketing campaigns.


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