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 Discover Restaurant POS System Provider JukeSlot

Thank you for getting to know JukeSlot! We are a leading provider of next-generation restaurant POS system solutions like Oublié (ADA compliance software),  Self- Service Tableside Ordering Technology,  Tempo QSR Standalone kiosk-based point-of-sale products, as well as iSlot for casinos.

It is JukeSlot’s mission to revolutionize the guest experience through POS technology that gives guests more control over their visit, and gives small and large businesses a live  tool  designed to enhance loyalty, increase sales, and ensure satisfaction. We accomplish our mission by providing a versatile set of tablets, kiosk, and  a mobile point-of-sale and restaurant management solutions that are easy to use for both your customers and your staff.

JukeSlot’s POS solutions are built on an open technology platform, enabling your businesses to integrate it with the backend of your preference. Through this platform, we have partnered with a community of problem solvers to leverage their desire to drive business innovation alongside our own. Through this true marketplace of ideas, JukeSlot users can access a variety of apps that complement our own products, helping to improve employee management, track sales, and grow your business.

JukeSlot’s unique custom-designed hardware is the #1 choice for independent software operators, and our turnkey solutions, which combine both hardware and software, give our clients an affordable, efficient, and elegant solution for differentiating their guest experience from their competitors’.

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