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Introducing Juke Slot, the Company that Revolutionized the POS

Here at JukeSlot, we are focused on revolutionizing the guest experience through POS technology. We believe that when you give your guest more control over their interaction with your business, they become more satisfied, and increase customer retention. That’s why our self-service point-of-sale products, like the Tempo QSR restaurant POS kiosk and Pay-at-the-Table Technology, gives your business more control over its operations, from the customer ordering process to your promotions and marketing programs.

Part of putting you in control means designing solutions flexible enough to meet the needs of businesses of any size. So we offer a wide variety of solutions, ranging from rugged handheld devices to user-friendly tabletop tablets and streamlined standalone kiosks, all in a variety of colors.

We built our systems with all of your customers in mind, including the hearing- and communication-impaired guests who are all too often forgotten by businesses. But we’ve also ensured that our software and hardware are easy-to-use for everyone: men and women of all ages, demographics, and educational backgrounds.

JukeSlot was founded in 2012 by Grace Vasa and Yao Deng, They wanted to create an automated kiosk system to help service industry businesses serve their customers faster, and to add entertainment to the guest experience.

Today, JukeSlot offers customized application capabilities in a variety of hardware formats, each bespoke to meet our individual customers’ needs.

JukeSlot’s POS solutions can help your restaurant increase business by creating more satisfied, more empowered customers. Contact Us now to find out how.